Tractor Girls season curtailed

After months of uncertainty, the FA have announced plans to curtail the seasons of English Women’s football at steps 3-6.

The FA released a statement this afternoon confirming plans for stop the league season and not move forward with it. Albeit, Town sitting top, there will also be no promotion this season again for Joe Sheehan’s side as promotions and relegations have also been scraped.

This will now be the second consecutive season Ipswich Town have sat top of the Women’s National League South East league without being promoted after last season was bull and void.

Among the doom and gloom of this news is a slight positive. Clubs can apply to be moved leagues as long as they meet the criteria. Ipswich Town should easily meet this criteria but won’t be the only team in the 4th step of the pyramid to be looking to apply. Early indications suggest there is a chance the Women’s National League Premier, which is the league Town would have been promoted to, may expand by 2 places, allowing 2 clubs from step 4 to make the move up, although, this is yet to be confirmed and also approved by the FA.

Many would predict Ipswich would be one of the 2 clubs to move up after proving, this and last season, they are more than ready to make that move. Southampton would be a hot tip to join Town but we would assume there will be many teams looking to challenge for that step up.

As this season has been curtailed and not null/void, team and player stats will remain in place and not wiped like they were last season.

We’re keeping everything crossed that town can have a successful application to be moved into the next league. Keep your eyes on the official club social media accounts for future news on this.

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